Teamwork Makes it Fun, Social and Easy
Teamwork Makes it Fun, Social and Easy

“Awesome job team!! 5 men, 5 women, 8 different departments all coming together to make cool choices!!!”
– Katie Marie, Greenadelphia team, Menasha Packaging Company

“Teamwork !!!! It makes a difference…it gets results that we can all be proud of…!!!!”
– Sara Rosney-Colville, Greenadelphia team, Menasha Packaging Company

Cool Choices - Greenadelphia Team

Recently Greenadelphia, a Menasha Corporation team of ten playing the Cool Choices game won a contest for best team photo. What made their photo so great? The players celebrated making cool choices by creating their own Cool Choices t-shirts with sustainability card actions imprinted on them and had a costumed mascot. Then they made the “cool choice” of riding on the local bus system as a group – making the bus ride more fun and sustainability-oriented for lots of other commuters in the process! Their photo collage picture documented their cool experience.

Talk about having fun! It was a great social team-bonding experience (just read the unsolicited comments of the team members above). And while they put some effort into the t-shirts and costume, in the end it was about a group having fun and taking it easy while riding on a local transit bus. Fun, social and easy – that’s what making sustainable cool choices is all about.

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