Achieving Measurable Results

Cool Choices is committed to achieving measurable results. We are also transparent about what we learn – so you can learn too.

As of May 2014 Cool Choices has completed ten employee engagement games and more than 25 school-based games. Because the goals of our school-based games are typically multi-dimensional, we summarize only results from the 10 employee engagement games here.

Cool Choices works with independent evaluators to verify results from actions reported by game participants. While participants earn points for both new and existing environmentally sustainable actions in Cool Choices games, the results below are only from new actions taken during the game.

Total Estimated Annual Savings Through July 2014

Financial Savings from Individual Actions:  $484,500

Water:  2,785,000 gallons

Gasoline:  84,000 gallons

Electricity:  1,403 MWh

Natural Gas:  32,000 therms

CO2 Avoided:  4.9 million pounds

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