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Cool Choices Employee Engagement Game

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Cool Choices is a fun, social and easy card game that empowers employees to save money and adopt sustainable practices. During the eight week game teams compete to make the most “Cool Choices” – sustainable actions for points – at home and at work.


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Individuals and teams earn prizes and recognition for their efforts to save resources. Employees expand their knowledge, contribute new ideas that improve operations and demonstrate leadership skills to colleagues.

Cool Choices engages employees and develops new team leaders. 

Cool Choices drives innovation by inspiring and harvesting new, resource-saving improvements across your facilities. 

Cool Choices saves money and energy for employees and organizations. 


Past Players Talk About Cool Choices (Video)

Playing Cool Choices creates lasting momentum. 

Through customized programming Cool Choices helps companies leverage the game platform to increase overall engagement, educate employees on corporate objectives and, ultimately, to transform culture so that sustainability is the new normal. 


Verified Results from Engagement

Thousands of employees from organizations across multiple industries have played and saved!

  • 83,000 Cool Choices
  • $460,000 saved annually (est.)
  • 80,000 gallons of gasoline saved annually (est.)
  • 4.8 million lbs. of abated CO2 emissions annually (est.)