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Cool Choices School & Faith Communities Games

Cool Choices is a fun, social and easy card game that inspires community members to adopt sustainable practices that reduce resource use and increase overall well-being. In addition to workplaces, the game works well in schools and faith-based communities.

Cool Choices School Games

In schools Cool Choices can inspire actions that reduce resource use (thus saving money) while increasing student and staff well-being and enhancing environmental literacy.

Learn more about our past efforts with K-12 schools.

Cool Choices has partnered with Wisconsin’s Green & Healthy Schools program to offer a free game to all GHS participating schools. 

Interested Wisconsin schools should visit GHS Cool Choices to learn more.

Cool Choices Faith Communities Game

Green teams in Faith Communities use the Cool Choices game to enhance community-wide support for sustainability. The game provides a fun way to engage entire community in making Cool Choices.

Learn more about our faith-based games. 

Interested faith based organizations should email Cool Choices to learn more information about participation.