Curriculum Resources

Cool Choices works with the K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) staff at the Wisconsin Center on Environmental Education (WCEE) in University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. That’s a lot of acronyms and long names! The important thing to know is that the Wisconsin State Legislature created WCEE in 1990 and for the last 20 years they have worked to improve environmental education in Wisconsin.

Our Approach
Parents often talk about how their children influenced the family’s actions on recycling, but also note that when it comes to energy usage, their kids are big consumers. From electronics to long showers and car drives to sports events, parents worry that their kids are oblivious to the energy they consume.

Our work with KEEP provides K-12 teachers with easy access to resources that facilitate standards-based learning on a variety of topics related to sustainability and transportation. We also support several innovative pilot efforts where students engage in local service learning projects. Giving students the opportunity to address local sustainability challenges helps them become more sensitive to their own energy usage, and let’s them take a more active and helpful role as part of their family and community.

Our Results

As more results become available we will share them in this website and in our Outcomes Newsletter.