Change is Possible

Cool Choices inspires environmentally sustainable actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in playful ways, including games, to engage people.

Studies show that information, alone, is rarely enough to motivate change. Years of research tells us that humans are not naturally motivated to change their practices today based on future risks, especially when those risks are broad and complex (like climate change). That is why Cool Choices deploys strategies that make change fun, social, and easy.

• Fun is intuitive. When people are having fun, they are engaged and more likely to want to continue the activity.

• Social matters because, in the end, others do have a certain amount of influence on us. If all my neighbors separate their recycling on trash day then it is more likely that I will do the same. When we perceive a social norm – especially in an unfamiliar situation – we tend to conform.

• Easy is critical and often overlooked. When barriers make sustainability difficult, change is less likely. So we need to identify and eliminate barriers.

Gamification — the use of game mechanics to engage participants — is one way to make change fun, social and easy. Games facilitate social engagement with norms and provide an opportunity to reward players for their actions creating a sense of accomplishment and progress toward a goal.

At Cool Choices we see our efforts as highly adaptable and far-reaching. We are just getting started. And we are already helping participants make an impact.

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